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Gardening advice for fertigation technique

Good gardening advice these method has its own advantages comparing the the conventional methods.

Gardening advice and advantages of efficient usage of fertilizer :-

 a) Distribution of complete nutrient can be control according to types and the actual
    stage of the plants growth.

b) Growth medium and enviroment secures cleaniness and prevent plants disease.

c) Eliminate soil problems.

d) Increasing production per unit in high condense area

e) Producing high quality crops-taste, texture

f) Efficient usage of fertilizer

g) Less usage of insect and fungi poison

h)  High yield production



Micro fertilizer


In my view these planting method is so efficient that it modenize agiculture as a whole within good agriculture practice.

It is important in transforming up-to-date technology in to agriculture to produce constant and high quality production.

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