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    Welcome and thank you for visiting chilli and About me...My name is Abas Ashari, and I’m a fertigation enthusiast and author of chilli and It's have been a long time since I have the opportunity of writing about the things I love to do.

    It's just a few years back I started to venture into agriculture, growing plants, making my own fertilizer, growing my own food etc. It turn out to be something that I love to do, have passion and the motivation.

    It's like about me finding a lost love. I have learned a lot of growing techniques, crop management, fertilizer and others.

    When you do it with your own hands it's different, it's like the knowledge will go straight into your head and heart.

    Well at first you will have some humped phase here and there. It is normal.
    It's the same  with any other type of business. The main thing is how you overcome it and pick up yourself and better yourself to face the next challenge.  

    Before this I always thought that agriculture is an easy stuff. I have seen many success story locally and abroad. 

    Their success don't come easy. It comes with very hard work and extreme agriculture knowledge. Still until today I am still learning, collecting the useful information to make me a better farmer.

    With hard work, knowledge and many trial-and-error approach result to success no doubt. The reward can be 'fruitful' and satisfying. Not like the old days, farmers, growers today can be millionnaires. I also love growing Rock Melon. Do you know 'Rock Melon'? Its the same family of cucumber.

    The  difference is it is sweet and refreshing to eat. Don't worry I am also going to share the information about rock melon.

    This website is created by me just to share with you what I have learned so far.

    I'm also pleased and honored to add the really great articles and ideas sent in by other farmers, chilli enthusiast, growers and other fans of chilli growing or plant growing. Hope I can help you.

    Want to know anything else about growing chilli?

    If there is there any information missing about growing chilli? Should  I add or edit to improve the site, please tell me about it on the contact me page.

    I want this to be the best resource online about growing chilli. God's will.

    And please, don’t forget to bookmark the site with your favorite online service, so that you can find it again later.


More about me later on.

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