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Chemical fertilizer for fertigation

    Chemical fertilizer, formulation of each different crop is not the same. For these formula that I am disclosing to you is for chilli peppers only.

    Quantity is based on the research that are made by the experts opinion of growers and researches themselves.

FORMULATION - Chilli peppers

SET A (120 liter of water)

1) Calsium Nitrate(CNo3)                                   11,300  gm                                   

2) Ferum (Iron)                                                             164  gm

SET B (120 liter of water)

1) Potassium Nitrate/ Kalium Nitrate (KNo3)   11,100 gm

2) Monopotassium Nitrate (MKP)                         1,750 gm
3) Magnesium Phosphate(MgSo4)                      5,640 gm

4) Manganum Sulphate                                            15.4 gm

5) Boric Acid                                                                      30 gm

6) Zinc Sulphate                                                              2.2 gm

7) Coopper Sulphate(CuSo4)                                  0.78 gm

8) Ammonium Molibdate                                           0.18 gm

    These type of fertilizer is in mineral form that are divided into 2 sets, Set A and B. Then you must put or add them to the 120 liters of water (mix theM).  Why put them into 2 sets? This is because one or more of the item might react to each other and the mineral will not dissolve in the water. All the ingredient must be ADDED to water carefully. Make sure the mineral dissolve nice and properly.


    How to use them? Add the liquid form fertilizer thet you have prepared to a plain clean water .

    For example, I have a 600 gallon and  I mix in 1 liter of set A and 1 liter of set B into the 600 gallon of clean water. The check the 600 gallon of water with your EC meter. If the reading of the EC meter is 1.80 to 2.00, it means that the nutrient is good.

    If it is less add the liquid fertilizer more. Not too much. You'll be wasting fertilizer.     

    After you have put them together, please store them in a cool place, not under the sunlight. It is very simple.

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