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Common chilli peppers diseases, symptoms and the ways to overcome problems


Chilli peppers diseaseschilli-fruit-anthracnose     The symptoms-The fruits seemed dark, round, sunken spots. Infected fruits drop off prematurely. Black, minute spots develop on infected seed.

    infection-chilli-fruitEnvironmental factors like rainfall intensity contributes to different levels of disease. Temperature effect often interact with other factors, such as leaf surface wetness and humidity, light.

    The surface wetness, appears to have major influence on the germination, infection and growth of the pathogen on the host. Generally infection occurs during warm, wet weather, temperatures around 27°C and high humidity are ideal for anthracnose disease.

    The control measures are to treat with organomercurials, Thiram or Brassico (read instruction on the bottle lable)

mancozeb-1    Spray Difolatan (0.2%) or Dithane M-45, Manzate 200, Mancozeb, Fore, Green-Daisen M, Karamate, Mancofol, Zimaneb, Manzeb, Policar, Dithane- Ultra Nemispot, Nemispor, Riozeb, Mancozin, Manzin. Common names include mancozeb and manzebat, 3 days interval (during great attack of these chilli peppers diseases)

Powdery Mildew

White-Powdery Powdery mildew is a fungus which cause leveillula taurica is one of the most serious diseases.

White-Powdery     The chilli peppers disease powdery or downy mildew symptoms-chlorotic spots that may become necrotic with time.
    On the lower leaf surface, a white to white powdery growth may exist. Leaf would drop eventually.


Control measure

Powdery-mildew-control    The best way to prevent powdery mildew is to avoid the environmental conditions that favor the disease.

Prune the plants and remove any unwanted weeds to improve air circulation. Water in the early morning hours (avoiding overhead watering if possible)to give the plants time to dry out during the day.

    Always keep the ground under infected plants prevent the disease from spreading. Remove and destroy any plants with serious infection. Choose high resistant varieties if possible.

Powdery mildew is easy to control for plants. Use organic foliar to protect the chilli fruits . If infection are at the early stage, apply a copper spray to the infected and surrounding plants every 3 or 7 days days until harvest.

Viral Infection by scirtothrips (Insect)


The symptoms- Chilli leaf curl. Top leaf would burn and drop eventually.


Control measure

    The best way to prevent thrips not to miss scheduled poison spraying. Prune the plants and remove any unwanted weeds to improve air circulation.

    Always keep the ground under infected plants clean. To prevent the disease from spreading, remove and destroy any plants with serious infection.


a)   Insect control mixture ( Tobe sprayed on the chilli tree)

    -1 litre of water + 10 ml liquid detergent + 50 ml neem oil and add to 10 litre of

b)  Mixture of Effective Microb + molasess + one clove grinded garlic and 3 dried
      chilli (Chilli padi), Bamboo leaf, tamarind and aloe vera

     * Marinade for 5 days.

     * usage : spray for every 2 days.

Common chilli peppers diseases control measures

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