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Chilli seeds and hot pepper seeds

There are many types of chilli seeds and the common species of chili peppers are used and prepared in many different culinary which are :-

a) Capsicum annuum 

    has many cultivars, with a variety of names known as the

     chili peppers or bell peppers.
    * Aleppo 
       Green-Aleppo-pepper Red-Aleppo-pepper
      * Anaheim 
       Anaheim chili    
      * Bell pepper

        * Cascabel
         Cascabel   Cascabel-chilli

         * Cayenne  

          Long-chili-Taiwan   chilli-plant


         * Chiltepin
           Chiltepin-chili   Chiltepin-red-chili

          * Cubanelle   

           Cubanelle-chili-Pepper   Cubanelle-Pepper
          * Hungarian wax
           Hungarian wax chili

          * Italian sweet pepper

           Italian sweet pepper chili 

         * Jalapeno


        * Japanese


        * Mirasol


         * Macho chili   
         * Mulato pepper   

          Red-Mulato-pepper   Mulato-pepper

         * Niora

         * Pepperoncini   
         * Piquín   
        * cherry pepper   

         Red Cherry Chili Pepper    pimento-cherry-peppers

        * Poblano

         Poblano Chile Rellenos

    * Puya    * Sanaam    * Serrano    * Super Chili    * Tepin

    * Tien Tsin

b)  Capsicum frutescens

    * African Bird's Eye

      The African Bird's Eye Chilli   African-Bird's-Eye-Chilli-tree

    * Tabasco pepper

    * Thai pepper, also Chilli Padi    

c) Capsicum chinense

"Yellow Lantern Chili" chilli peppers varieties are :-

    * Adjuma    * Ají limo(Peru)    * Ají dulce(Venezuela)

    * Datil    
       Orange_Datil_Hot_Pepper-tree    Orange-Datil-Hot-Pepper

    * Fatalii (Africa)    * Habanero chilli

      (Caribbean, Central America and Mexico) Red Savina pepper

    * Naga Jolokia pepper   

      naga jolokia pepper     naga-jolokia-pepper-tree

    * Scotch bonnet (Jamaica)

    * Arriba Saia (Brazil)    * Umbigo de Tainha (Brazil)

d) Capsicum pubescens

       is a species of flowering plant in the
       Solanaceae species, that is common in Peru, Bolivia,
       Northern Chile, Northern Argentina, and Ecuador.
       Its fruit is a medium-sized round chilli pepper known

       as a rocoto or locoto.

e) Capsicum baccatum

      varieties / breeds of Aji Peppers

    * Peppadew    * Lemon Drop

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