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What is fertigation?

The word fertigation derived from the word 'fertilizer and irrigation'. It is one component of chemigation (chemical and irrigation). 

Chemigation is a method where usage and distribution of chemical substance in crop management are done through irrigation(watering).


- Ferti-gation

- Fungigation

- Insectigation

- Nematigation

It is a technique where fertilizer in liquid form is distribute to the root of the plant through drip irrigation.

The two major components are:

a) Fertilizer (in liquid form)

b) Irrigation System

In this method, stuff like sand, coal dust and cocoa husk fibre are used as planting media instead of soil. It is a soiless culture concept. Those media are put in a bio degradable polybags or suitabled size pots where the plant's roots can grow optimaly.

This technique is just another alternative which is seldom used by cultivators around. It will surely be an important alternative in the future of food production industry.

To get the optimum benefit the grower must take precautionary action such as making sure cleaniness of the media and apply balance fertilizer.

Good gardening advice and advantages using fertigation See why these technique is an option in cultivation...

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