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Fertilizer For Chilli

    Fertilizer is a material added to the soil or medium to make it more fertile. It adds or replace back the nutrient that are needed by the plants.  

    The plants will absorb the mineral nitrogen, phosforus and calium on its own.

These comes to constant high quality and volume of fruit. It also prolong the life span.

Which to use?

There are :-


It is a natural substance commonly from natural resources such as dead tree, fish, animal manure and many more. 

    Easy to make and much more cheaper.

    Its natural quality making it save to use. It also gives great natural flavour to the plants in our case the chilli peppers tree.



It is manufactured for conventional used. It normally produced in large quantity by big company for mass crop production.

Chemical ingredient are calcium nitrate, calium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, ferum chelated, monocalium phosphate, calium sulphatecuprum, magnesium sulphate, zink chelated, mangan chelated, Cuprum chelated, boron and molibdenum.

It is used from the early stage. It is for root and plant developement. 

Choosing which to use..?

A. Chemical 

       1. Other type of chemical-fertilizer

B. Organic 

       1. What is compost?

       2. Learn step-by-step how to make vermi compost 

       3. Learn step-bystep how to make Aerobic-compost 

About organic 

Check out The Fertilizer Guide to understand more about how to grow healthier plants even faster.

And also more about organic fertilizer

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