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Step-by-steps Chilli Gardening Tips

Step 1 Gardening Tips - Preparing The Basic Requirement

1. Chilli Seeds – ‘precision seed’ or F1 hibrid    (high Quality     seeds)   

    First of all in this gardening tips, you must determined what type of seeds or chilli breed that you are planing to cultivate. Make sure the chilli breed are compatible with the surrounding climate and enviroment.

  Long-chili-Taiwan In these gardening tips, I am going to use chilli – DRH 911 Long chili (Taiwan), chilli king. You can buy the seeds from your local store or order online or you can take them yourself from the chilli fruit it self. 

    Depends what project you are involve in, just for a hobby, a business venture (surely you have to buy the F1 breed high-quality). Good seeds produce good strong and healthy tree.

2. Prepare your planting medium (media)

    Select the medium for your chilli tree. peat moss, or coconut husk fibre or ordinary treated top soil. The coconut husk fibre must be flush with water to wash away any unuseful element.


  After that put a mixture of liquid fertilizer to the coconut husk fibre.

    Normally if you are using purchased peat moss, it have been conditionened with the necessary nutrient to support the growth of your chilli tree.

Long-chili-Taiwan     All you have to do is to moist it to a 65 %. In these gardening tips I would not recommend you using the ordinary treated top soil cause you are going to have many problems later on when the chilli tree are at 3 to 4 moths old (In some cases, the diseases comes as early at the age of 2 weeks old).

    For example soil diseases that attacks the chilli tree roots can come later on. If you still have to use ordinary treated top soil, the tips is not to water the tree too much (until there water logged around the root of the chilli tree.

3. Plastic Chilli Seeding tray-For germination Germination (4 to     5 days)

    The first step of growing chilli peppers plant is to get the it to germinate. The main requirements germination of chilli seeds are heat, moisture and oxygen.

    It is possible to germinate in everything from wet cotton,wet cocoa peat(coconut hust fibre), peat moss & soil. The trick is, if you are using soil please don't bury it too deep. The chances of germination will be slim.

    You then moist the soil or the planting medium,careful do not let the water logged. At this stage there is no requirement for light. Do find something like an airing cupboard is ideal or places contains heat just like behind the refrigenarator or where you see fit. Also to be careful not to let them dry out.

Description of image Description of image Description of image
After success germination, we will transfer the baby chilli tree to this type of house and it will remain there until it reaches the age of 30 to 40 days depending of the growth Put the chilli seeds that have been germinate into tray like this or other tray that are suitable so that the chilli tree can have a natural growing condition. Other type of plastic container that you can grow your baby tree in. Just make sure that you sanitize all of these container before planting the chilli tree to avoid early contaction of chilli pepper diseases

4. Preparing The Final Planting Location - Open Planting (Not          protected) Or Fertigation House - Under the Cover of a                 Plastic Roof (Protected)

Example of planting area- Fertigation House

Example of planting area- Fertigation House 

Example of planting area- Fertigation House.

Please take note that these are example of where you can plant your chilli tree. Chilli cultivation does not necessary require this type of structure. Other gardening tips

The important factor is the irrigation. 

5. Preparing The irrigation system Water Pump


Other Equipment-pipe, tube and arrow head dipper

pipe, tube and arrow head dipper 1

pipe, tube and arrow head dipper 2

pipe, tube and arrow head dipper 3

pipe, tube and arrow head dipper 4

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