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Grow your own chili 

peppers through fertigation

Grow your own chili peppers, vegetables, fruits, tomato....Crop, gardens or farm management is essential to a successfully food production in fertigation method.

Example of planting area- Fertigation House 

One must have knowledge, initiative, patient, sufficient work skill and exuberant to be in this project as a business or a hobby. 
Example of planting area- Fertigation HouseCrop management covers work like initial work such as soil or media preparation, transplanting, insect control, watering system, farm hygiene, sterilization, disinfaction, nutrien distribution and related crop fisiology. 

The overall purpose is to have a constant high quality production at optimum level profitability. Even  with a hig tech method of cultivation still at the end of the day your commitment and hard work play most of the important role in the project.

Example of planting area- Fertigation House

Step-By-Step Tips Of Growing Chilli Pepper yourself-Fertigation

Step 1 Preparing The Basic Requirement

Step 2 Start The Process

Step 3 - The Best Way Of Maintaining A Chilli Tree

Grow your own soiless culture farming..low cost, clean, high quality production, efficient fertilizer,  avoiding disease and insect problems

Would you like to learn how to put in a back yard  vegetable garden?  Yes!  Then visit  Vegetable Gardening Made Easier ( and learn now to do this with easy to follow instructions and photos.

See how to grow a Chemical Free Garden that will aid in fighting and preventing diseases within your body to stay healthy.  Companion Gardening; which is also another word for a chemical free garden, involves planting certain herbs, vegetables and fruits together to ward off the insects that can harm our precious foods. Home grown organic, chemical free foods are the best preventative way to take control of protecting your health and the environment that we all live in.

Growing is much easier if you know how, what is the do and don't. Maybe you like Rock Melon, or also known as cantaloupe also cantaloup, mushmelon, muskmelon, rockmelon or spanspek.

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