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Basic growing chilli peppers knowledge


Growing chilli peppers from chilli seeds is a good experience.
Well you can also purchase a baby chilli plant for your local agriculture store and save the time of seeding and germination or take a look at our pod pals section for some recommended chilli seeds suppliers. But it cost even more.  Not viable.

seeds-planting-trayChoose which that is suitable for your area. Also please choose the high quality F1 breed. Yes it cost more but it is worth it believe me.

 Capsicum Annuum's Bell pepper are probably a good choice, particularly for anyone in a cooler climate or cayenne red chilli pepper for the warmer climate. Seed it on a plastic seeding tray.  You can purchase the germination tray at your local agriculture store.

Germination (4 to 5 days)

The first step of growing chilli plant is to get the it to germinate. The main requirements germination of chilli seeds are heat, moisture and oxygen.

It is possible to germinate in everything from wet cotton,wet cocoa peat(coconut hust fibre), peat moss & soil. The trick is, if you are using soil please don't bury it too deep.
The chances of germination will be slim. You then moist the soil or the planting medium,careful do not let the water logged.
    At this stage there is no requirement for light. Do find something like an airing cupboard is ideal or places contains heat just like behind the refrigenarator or where you see fit. Also to be careful not to let them dry out.  

Transplant to pots (after 30 days)

  Baby-ChilliWhen the growing plants produce sets of leaves in pairs it means germination succeed then let it grow under sun light.

 I normally let it grow in the transit tray for 30 days or little bit more. If you're using other than soil such as cotton or cocoa husk fibre make sure you are watering them everyday using liquid (their nutrien). Then after they are old enough proceed transfering them in a bigger or their permenant home, direct to the earth soil, in pots or polybags (my favourite cause it's cheap) preferably 12 X 8 inches.

Flower & fruit (week 12)

chilli-flowerThe flower will start to grow at the age of 10 weeks.  Pollination is done by bees and wind. 

You can either rub your finger around the middle part to pick up the pollen, and rub your finger on to other flowers.  Success pollination will conclude to fruit formation. 
After success pollination the flower will turn to fruit. 

chilli-flower2Let it grow to red or if you prefer as to use it as green pepper.

Try growing chilli peppers plant yourself.

For more detailed growing chilli peppers tips and to get better results.


Need To Grow Other Than Chilli

Growing chilli is not the only thing you can grow. Check out the other vegetables that nearly everyone can grow for much less than buying from the market.  You know you will be getting fresh and healthy produce.

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