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How To Plant Rock Melon

How To Plant Rock Melon

germination-of-rock-melon-seedsBelow are the way and the how to plant your own Rock Melon fruit using the fertigation method:

The first step :
Sow the 'rock melon' seeds in the plastic sowing tray for the period of 8 - 10 days. 
Put the tray in a suitable place for example in a sowing house like in the picture below.


Second Step :
While waiting for the seeds, to grow, we must prepare for a bigger medium for transplantation of the baby tree for example a bigger polybags or bigger vase because it is important for the rock melons roots.

baby-rock-melonThe third step : After 3 weeks, lay a  rafia  rope on a trelis so that we can  help the rock melon tree to climb the rope upwards



fertilizer-systemStep four :    Costant observation on the tree fertile condition must be done twice a day.

    This is to make sure that the tree would not be stunted. By week 3 the rock melon tree must be t least 1.6 metre high.

Female-flower-rock-melonStep Five : When the tree buds with the flower starting to grow, they must be look after extra careful and attention, and must apply the necessary amount of fertilizer.

tree buds must be cutover to makesure that quality female flower are kept for polunation.

spraying-insectisideStep six : After a few days after the prunning process, mantainance of the surrounding cultivation area must be cleaned and spray  with weed killer around the rock melon tree so that no unwanted weed that can be a host insect.

Step seven  : The next thing is to maintain the tree which are insect and fungus spraying periodically and constant of applying fertilizer. After 40 days after sowing, you will start the assisted pollunation process. With fertigation system an automatic dripping of water to base of the tree.

Step eight: After 65 to 75 days, The rock melon which we have pollunate a month earlier will now bare fruit.



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