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    Hydroponic derived from Greek terms hydro and phonos which means water element and  work process. These are link to agriculture project which uses water as primary medium instead of soil or other planting medium.  These planting technique are used since the Babylonian era.

babylon-gardens    Hanging Gardens of Babylon is an example of a great ancient engineering which uses hydroponic system as their major cultivation technique. These technique even used by the Aztec civilization in Mexico and the Indians. They planted their crops in shallow lake and many type of area with water surface.

hanging-gardens-of-babylon    Marco Polo himself during his adventure wrote in his journal about the chinese community using hydro-ponic system as their cultivation method. In 1699 Woodward, a well known English scientist have made research about planting using water as primary medium. The water are added with salt, mineral  and  a little bit of  soil. Woodward succeeded  of growing a tree plant using the technique. He found out that the plant growth did not effected the soil contain in the water.  

    Moving on to 1930, Gerice, an American scientist from California University succeeded of growing tomato up to 7.5 metre using hydro-ponic technique. Greenhouse technology developement in the western country have helped in the growth and developement of the hydro-ponic tecnology. With this technique, agriculture activity in the greenhouse can be done all year round.

    In early 1970's, another English scientist by the name of Dr. Allen Cooper has introduced a technique called NFT which is known as a Reversed Hydro-ponic. In these technique, the water which contains the natural and important nutrient are dripped or flowed directly to the plant's roots and then recycled into a designated water tank. These method eventually evolved into high tech computerized system. 

Advantages of hydroponic

    Hydro-ponic system have several advantages when comes to cultivation conventionally. It main strenght is the control over the crop is entirelly controllable. The suitable crops can be planted in a very high density matter with a little usage of fertilizer. The plants even matures faster than it normally does. Indirectly it contributes to saving of fertilizer and pest control cost.    

       Production will definitely on a high yield  if cultivation using this method conventionally. As an example the production tomato is 5 to 10 tonne per acre a year comparing to 200 tonne per acre a year using hydro-ponic technique.

 Suitable Crops

Vegetables - salads, cabbage, tomato, chilli, cucumber etc

Flowers - Rose, orchid, marigold etc

Foliage- Palms, house plans etc

Herbs - Basil, chives, mints, parsley, sage etc

Fruits - watermelon, rock melons etc

What Are The Plant's Needs

    Hydro-pornic system will only work with good surrounding. It needs the right temperature, with good 8 - 10hours of sunlight to do photosyntesis.  These sunlight can be replicate using ultra violet ray but the cost is very high.

    The quality of the water must be right, meaning that it must be able to dilute the mineral added to it.  You can use rain water and pipe water. Processed water must be stored for one day before you can use them
. This is to lower the clorine contain of the water.

Pest and disease must be in control in order for the plants can grow in perfect manner.  The use of netting can prevent the attack of pest and dangerous bugs.  If you are using chemical pest control please make sure it is made within one to two weeks before you pluck them.

If the 
hydroponic equipment
or container are put in an open area please add in the water suitable abate substance to prevent the breed of mosquito.  

    Hydro-ponic system have made it possible to plant highland vegetable species on lower ground. It is an advantages for a tropical country like Malysia which import
heavily for the cold climax vegetables from neighbouring countries. These technology helps in securing the production of many type of vegetables and fruits.  And indirectly saves the country a lot of money due to less importing of these vegetables.

 Type Of Hydroponic System

There are  2 type of hydro-ponic  system

Passive Hydroponic System

These is the system where water is used in static condition in a pond or in a specially designed container.  It is used in cultivation of short term crops like vegetables such as salad, spinach and many more. This system are cheap and good for amateur growers where it can be done commercially.

Active Hydroponic System

These is the system where water is supplied in liquid form from a water tank and pump through the dripping system to the roots of the plants. The process recycle again and again until the crops matures and produces. These system is suitable for tomato, chilli, watermelons, cucumber and many more. The example of these system are DFT, NFT, Aggredate Calture and aeroponics.

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