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"If you can grow chilli pepper successfully,   you can grow almost anything" 


Everyone can do it successfully if they know how to grow chilli.   

    There are various ways that we can adopt. People have been growing chilli for decades. Every time they improves on the style and growing technique depending on the changes enviroment and surrounding.  We must know what fertilizer to use.  Organic fertilizer, chemicel fertilizer or any other type of fertilizer. Learning organic gardening can be useful.

    It is used in many countries with many types of dishes.  It is a high demand low supply commodity making it to be a great investment opportunity for those who are thinking of going into the agriculture business.

    It is very popular and used widely in the U.S, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, India, China, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more.

fertigation-house    Record said that it originate from the South American country where there is archaeological evidence in Ecuador which chili peppers were domesticated.  Today, it is everywhere. Amazing how the seeds can reach your country. Men played a big part on that.  

    The common varieties are bell peppers, wax, cayenne, jalapeños, naga, habanero, datil, chiltepin, aji peppers chili contain good and high amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A also high in potassium and high in magnesium and iron. In short it is a good for our diet intake.  It is said to have a enzyme that can prevent heart disease.

Have you been to Malaysia? Thailand? Indonesia?

    Totally heaven for food lovers.  Most of the food recipes are fantastic and hot. There are mild hot, medium hot and super hot. Like in Thailand the most famous dish is a soup called Tom Yam. There are seafood tom yam or the vege tom yam and many more. So delicious and hot.  If you had contact with these hot foods, tips to get rid of the hot caustic flavour in your mouth is to take a teaspoonful of honey.

This site is just to share with you simple information, recommendation and some growing tips .

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