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Easy Irrigation System 

    The irrigation system is the main component of fertigation. Its function is to distribute the nutrient to plants root area using dripping technique.

Important component of the system:-

 Nutrient tank


     A big container which is used to put in the water mixed with the nutrient. Made of plastic (polytank), or concrete or fibre-glass. Please don't use steele or aluminium because there can cause chemical reaction and oxidization. The chilli peppers plants needs about 2 litres per day.Choose the appropriate tank size matching the number of tree you have.    

Water pump

    Dripping system does not need high HP (horse power)water pump. Electric Water pump of 0.5 HP will be sufficient enough for up to 1,000 unit of tree (running rate-30-40 litres/min). 1.0 HP for up to 2,500 unit of tree (running rate-70-90 litres/min). 1.5 HP for up to 4,000 unit of tree. 

    You can even use an aquarium pump to water 150 unit of tree.


Pipe system ( Main line, Sub-Line and Micro-tube)




     Dripper is also call the "Arrow Dripper" which uses "capillary system". Main problem is blockage of the tubing. To avoid these problem you must always clean and check the filters. 



Nutrient Stock

Overall View of The System

    Installation of the water pump and other operating devices must be done perfectly. Polypipe and PE tubing is the common to use because it is less expensive and it gives less contamination to the fertilizer. It is also easy to install. You can make all these system a full automated or full computerized automated system.   The best water source for irrigation is important because the eater sources must be clean and not contiminated by dangerous antigent.


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