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More About Other Chemical Fertilizer 

Other Chemical Fertilizer

    Other Chemical Fertilizer, means to add or replace back of mineral and nutrient to the soil which are needed by growing pepper plants (nitrogen, phosphoros, kalium). Other wise fertilizer also used for:-

* High quality and quantity of production

* For longer life span of the crop

Fertilizer Management

    Other Chemical Fertilizer management is important in cultivation.  It is vital in the division of fertilizer to the crop we are planting. Making sure, all the plants or trees get the necessary nutrient to grow healthy and effectively. Do not over use of these chemical fertilizer because this may hurt your plants.

Fertilizer Information

    Nitrogen (N) is an important nutrient which also a major component of protein.  It plays the roles in producing chlorophyll, construction of the vegetative structure and fruits.

urea-fertilizer    Most plants and vegetables absorbs nutrient in the form of nitrate and then goes down and turns to ion amonium N (NH4±N) NH4±N which forms glutamic acid.

    After that it continues to produce 100 more type of amino acid which ultimately forms more protein.

     Protein which developes in the plants normally work as an enzyme that distributes  necessary task for the plants. Good supply of nitrogen will ensure good and healthy growth for the plant. The plants will look natural green and strong. The plants with insufficient Nitrogen(N) is yellowish in colour or there are signs of clorisis on the leafs. (start from the below of the plant)  It will spread all over the plants.

    Quantity of Nitrogen can be calculate in percentage(%) and the Gross Protein can be calculated by formula QGP(%) = Q(N) X GP(Gross Protein) = 6.25 X Q(N)%

Other Chemical Fertilizer


    Plants need phosphorus.  The quantity is a little compare with Nitrogen and Kalium. Phosphorus is absorb by plants in the form of primary ion orthophosphate H2P04. The rest is secondary ion orthophosphate H2P04, ion pyrophosphate and ion metaphosphate. The absorption of these ion are influence by the pH of the media or soil near the root area. If the pH of the H2P04 ion is low therefore the absorption for HPO4 at a high rate.

    Phosphorus are categorized as an early stage nutrient that used by plants for growth. It is also useful for plants endurance against diseases.


nutrient-phosphorus    Kalium (Potassium) is the third most important nutrient which is absorb by plants as ion Kalium.

    Chemical fertilizer Kalium is used as kalium soluble salt such as kalium chloride, kalium sulphate, kalium nitrate, and kalium magnesium sulphate.
    Not like Nitrate and Phosphorus, Kalium is not main component of protoplasmcellulose but it function as a physiology excellerator to:-

1.     Carbohydrate metabolism, forming, dissolving and flowing of starch.
Nitrogen metabolism and protein synthesis
3.     Controlling and positioning of specific mineral
4.      Neutralization of important organic acid.
5.      Activation of the enzyme
6.      Growth of meristem tissue
7.      Adoption to stomata and water movement.

Other chemical fertilizer Plants needs a lot of kalium. Lack of kalium causes the plants to turn its colour to yellow or brown. these means it will be easily crumbled eventually dies. One major role of kalium is to bring the supply of water to the plants growth. Maintaining its metabolism and making sure that the process of photosynthesis are running effectively is extremely important  to its (plant) survival.



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