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Step-By-Steps Chilli Planting Method Tips

Step 2 Planting Tips 

Germinate Seeds

Planting method everywhere are almost the same. Now you are ready to start the process of growing chilli. The first step is to germinate the chilli seeds. It's easy as ABC. The important info is that the seeds needs heat, planting medium and oxygen (air ventilation). 

After the seeds has sprout that means 30% of germination is well undergo. Feed them with fertilizer, nutrient so it can keep growing healthy. When its about 2 to 3 inches tall, spray them with Pervicure N (if  you don't mind using chemical fungicide) You can use other Effective Microb. (I'm using it too sometime)
This is to prevent fungi to attact the root and the below chilli stem. Don't forget to also spray the insecticide, keeps the dangerous bugs away. 

Important tips: Please do not add the fungicide and insecticide together to safe time cause this action will only make the spraying to be uneffective. 

Do it one at a time, like today use the fungicide the tommorow use the insecticide. It's much more economical and effective. Refer the INSECT CONTROL SECTION.


What To Do While Waiting The Chilli Tree To Mature Enough For Tranplant

(a).    To prepare the polybags or pots for transplant of chilli pepper tree. If you are planning to plant 10, 20 or even more than a hundred chilli tree well you have to prepare enough for the transplant.


(b).     Disinfect the plant medium with Cidol/dettol/polvidon/lindores etc. (the cheapest is to use simple clorox) To flush away unused item.


(c).    Prepare your irigation system. Choosing how to irigate. Polytube with mini tube and arrow dipper or manually.


(d).    Do the cleaning up ang repairing ro the planting area.


After 35 to 40 Days You are ready for Transplant

* Transfer 35 to 40 Days old chilli tree into the polybays or pots or where ever you desire to plant it.(Suitable place of course)

* Please do it with a gentle manner.


Planting Methods and simple tips..Good luck and have fun.

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