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elad-tamar    Testimonial Site Build It 1"Tamar and I did lots and lots of research on kid birthday parties and started experimenting with our ideas on kids and during parties whenever the opportunity arose. 

    We wrote up lots of content for the site and I was in charge of strategy and building the site from a technical aspect (although, with Site Build It!, you really don't need any technical knowledge because you can build a site through simple building blocks and monitor every aspect of traffic through a consolidated control center.). In no time, both of us became kid birthday junkies."

 "My testimonial goal was to build an online business that would generate an income equal (or greater, of course) to the salary I was earning. And also wouldn't be dependant on any country's economy (as my country's economy is in shambles...)."

~ Elad Shippony testimonial

michelleTestimonial Site Build It 2 "Manufacturers are beginning to approach me to review their hair products and tools on the site. "Hi, can we send you some free stuff?"... "Um, YEAH, okay!"

"New challenges are presenting themselves now that my site is poised for takeoff."

My mom became interested in SBI! about a year after I started my first site. Since then she's been working on her own sites which are now bringing in a nice monthly income for her. Many people ask me about how I earn a living. They're all curious... lots of questions and a sparkle in their eye as they think about how they could do it too... and they could! In truth though, most of them don't. So seeing my mom go ahead and create her own success is incredible!"

"My 7 year old son (who has a strong entrepreneurial streak) is showing a keen interest in starting a site of his own at some point. What an incredible thing it will be to show my son how to build an online business!"

"My online success means so much more to me than money. The fulfillment I feel in my own life and the example I'm setting for my kids far outweighs the dollars (although dollars will always be welcome!). ;-) My boys are growing up with the knowledge that they really can achieve their dreams if they're willing to have faith in themselves and take action in their lives. Then all it takes is some dedication and hard work, which is easy to muster when you're doing something you love! ... Oh yeah, and SBI! of course."

"I've said it before, and I'll most definitely keep saying it... Thank you Ken, for what you do and the way you care. I'm sure (with a bit of struggling) I could have gotten a website online without SBI! but there's a spirit to the Site Build It! community that takes the journey to a whole new level. Not just in terms of the site you create, but who you become and the LIFE you create in the process."

~ Michelle Schill

Testimonial Site Build It 3 "What happened to instigate this dramatic, life-enhancing change? The turning point was when I bought SBI. From there, my options were limitless, and everything changed." 

marney "I was skeptical that I could get the visual feel that I wanted with a template-based builder. Little did I realize that SBI does not limit you to templates -- I had the option to "start from scratch" to create my own Web page elements for a truly one-of-a-kind look. I took the plunge -- "jumped in with both feet", as you say -- and as you can see, I used the SBI builder to make a beautiful site. I was surprisingly impressed with the flexibility of the builder."

"And now that SBI! is compatible with HTML editors, some of the more recently added pages of my site are uploaded HTML (for example, I wanted the pages in my creative marketplace,, to have their own distinctive look)."

"But even though I now generate my own HTML files to upload some of my sub-site pages, my main site maintains the original look and feel that I created with SBI's builder -- yes, your customizable templates really are that good. And the flexibility of being able to do both my own HTML and/or template is AMAZING."

"SBI made it easy to learn how to optimize my pages for search engines. I quickly learned (actually SBI! took me by the hand and made the process "artist-proof"!) how to build traffic right into the content I was creating... as I created it."

"Since I had access to detailed site statistics, I could easily see which pages were working and which weren't, so I could make changes accordingly. It was as if SBI finally eliminated the guesswork in running an Internet business, so I could focus on generating new ideas, rather than worrying about the technical mechanics of my Web site."

"There was no way that I could have built a financially profitable business with my magazine, on its own. But thanks to all the options and resources from SBI, and to lots of out-of-the-box thinking, I found that it is possible to build a business that combines multiple streams of income from a variety of ancillary products and services (e-courses, teleworkshops, eBooks, lectures, an online marketplace, etc.) that are making a difference in the lives of my audience."

"SBI! is a gift -- there is no other way to say it. Thank you for this wonderful gift -- it allowed me to grow my business and help others. From my early days with SBI!, starting out with quality content helped me feel that I was giving something to people, rather than simply trying to "make money". So from the very beginning, I've kept the overdelivery (C T P M) model intact, and because I know every aspect of the site is 100% authentic, I never EVER worry about competition. I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS credit SBI with handing me everything I needed on a golden platter."

~ Marney Makridakis testimonial
Artella Words And Art

shaunTestimonial Site Build It 4 "For twenty-five years, the spirit of a small time entrepreneur was trapped inside the mind and body of a government administrator. Me. Unlike my many years as a paycheck-to-paycheck civil servant; every moment that I'm working now I'm creating additional value for me and my family as I build my business and add to my portfolio of products."

 "Because my online business runs virtually on automatic pilot these days, I will have the freedom to travel to Japan this December to visit my daughter who is teaching high school there. Since my products are downloadable, maintaining my business and dealing with any customer service issues from Japan will be a simple matter of checking my e-mail accounts via the Net once a day.
Life just gets better each day."

"So there I was half way around the world hanging out with my daughter on vacation and all of my websites kept percolating away on automatic pilot."

"Then when I got home two weeks later the mailbox was full of checks from my various writing related income streams! If only such a business model had been available 20 years ago! I would have dropped that mind-numbing paycheck-to-paycheck government career a lot sooner than I did."

~ Shaun Fawcett testimonial

luisa-david-smallTestimonial Site Build It 5 "My instincts were right. Once I landed on, it felt like the missing piece to a puzzle falling into place. The more I read, the more my life felt as if it had changed."

"I told my husband about my SBI! discovery. I had to get the purchase approved by my husband since I had (ummmurrrhhhh!!) wasted so much money already on programs that did not work."

"By this time, my husband was at the "not another one" stage. But he was also impressed by SBI! and he offered his support. I must say that I was nervous the day I purchased SBI!. But since the day I bought my subscription to SBI!, I have never looked back."

"Ken Evoy truly writes in a way that makes you feel as if he is right by your side guiding you through the entire process. SBI!'s Action Guide is written in very simple language, none of that fancy web or HTML terminology, just simplified instructions which I call "dummy terms" (I needed that)."

"I read the Action Guide, took notes, and simply trusted the CTPM System. It was very simple to build a site. I just did it one "block" at a time."

"When you first start, you think... "Ok, maybe I will make some extra money". I never really thought that SBI! would help me "Live my life like I mean to live it"."

"I did not have to choose to work over the precious time I had left with my mother and father When I was not able to work, SBI! kept on working for me."

"My SBI! sites kept on working day and night even when I wasn't able to focus."

"SiteSell launched an exciting tool called Content 2.0. It allows my site visitors to make content contributions, which they love to do, and the search engines love to see fresh content, too. So, even when I was not able to create more Web pages, SBI! made a way for the site to keep on growing. (I strongly believe that Ken and the rest of team, created this tool just for me!)" ;-)

"When you join SBI!, it is like having your own board of professional consultants that stay up to date in this confusing and ever changing online world. That way you can concentrate on buiding a successful website and get back to your real life."

"I feel very blessed for finding SBI! a few years ago. I took the slow-and-steady tortoise path by building the sites "block by block" the SBI! way. Today, I can tell you that one of the saddest and trying situations of my life was actually easier to handle because I did not have to worry about losing my job and income."

~ Luisa Cupeles testimonial

Testimonial Site Build It 6 "What can I say? Life has never been better. Freedom is something that can't be paid for. It's not that I work less, I probably work more than I ever did, but I do it on my own terms. It doesn't feel like work at all.I am confident that I will never have to work for others again unless I want to!"

travel-bradtke1"I exercised due caution and did some more research first. I asked a few people, I dug around on the internet, and no matter where I looked, I didn't hear a bad word. Everybody said the same thing, "If you build your site with SBI, you will definitely get traffic."

"With every page I built, my confidence grew and things got easier. It didn't take long at all to master page building. It's not rocket science, not with the SBI tools."

"It became clear that the SBI! forums alone are worth the price of SBI! - their posts and the many helpful articles written by fellow SBIers in the HQs (TNT and Monetization) have got to be the most amazing business and income-building resources on the planet. The world's best kept secret!"

~ B. Bradtke testimonial

juggle-logoTestimonial Site Build It 7 "I took my time with the brainstorming, eliminating several ideas. After working through the Action Guide, with several ideas, the idea of a juggling site became obvious.

My favorite hobby, juggling, was a niche that I knew! And the e-com ideas kept coming, the e-books and other e-commerce ideas. I now sell so many different juggling products, and even have my two e-books ready to go soon."

~ Jim Nelson testimonial,

"The web site has allowed me to seed the market, prove the concept and create incredible buzz among the public who now go into stores demanding the product. This is how I was able to level the playing field and run around the big corporations to get my product to market."

~ Richard Bergman testimonial

Testimonial Site Build It 8 "I even checked out respected "web gurus", Ralph Wilson and Jim Daniels, who both gave SBI top marks. I had nothing to lose (SBI has a money back guarantee) and everything to gain. Little did I know at that point that we were about to set out on one of the most exciting, bizarre years of our lives."

"There's nothing magic about SBI's servers, of course. It's all in the step-by-step logical process, and the tools that "do" the process. SBI doesn't just give you the tools to build a web site, SBI helps you build a successful web business. As I said, I checked out the Net completely, and I had never seen a page of success stories like this one... and now we are on it, too -- one of the top-ranked sites (sorry for bragging a little)."

fionaandrosie "The process is just so logical... Content - Traffic - PREsell - MONETIZE. Starting with content (after all, that's what people search for, so that's where we begin, too). Right from the start, SBI showed us how to brainstorm our idea to find out if it was valid. It helped us choose and register our site name. Then it supplied the tools to create a content rich themed site, which the search engines love."

"It's so logical, so efficient, and the tools make it so do-able. But you still have to do it. While SBI made this possible, we built this business. So if you are looking for a get-rich-quick, Dr. Evoy would be the first to tell you to chase after these false dreams elsewhere. If you want to own a business that makes it fun to wake up each morning, I can't say enough how much SBI has impacted our lives."

"And we also stay in touch with SBIers through the SBI! Forums, which have quickly become a supportive, online community of very knowledgeable, positive people."

"SBIers just "get it." They are too busy building their web business to worry about "how it all happens" and are full of enthusiasm and ideas. It's contagious to watch everyone working and moving ahead."

"The site has made our working life flexible, enjoyable and profitable. We've changed our lives, thanks to SBI! sure it's hard work, but it's worth it to have the quality of life we want, living in sunny Tuscany."

~ Fiona McCardle/Jim Andrew testimonial
Rent a Villa in Tuscany


Testimonial Site Build It 9 "Actually, I'm more of a broker or a sales agent than a distributor. To my customers, though, I look like a large national distributor with multiple warehouses across the country.In fact, I do use several warehouses across the country, I just don't have to tie up any of my money in owning inventory because I let the "old school" distributors do that. I am a virtual distributor, a modern-day sales agency..."

"Why Did I Quit My Day Job? Because With SBI!, I Can Do It Myself. And I Can Do It Over And Over Again."

"You may not realize it (although I suspect you do), but Site Build It! is much more than "the only all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing product" (I think that's what your site says!). It's actually a "9-to-5 life liberator"."

"I recently resigned from that medical distribution company because it was obvious I didn't need them. The company was getting the benefit of all the sales generated from my SBI traffic."

"As Rodney Dangerfield would say, "I got no respect." Meanwhile, I was wishing I had known that SBI! would work this well before I took the job and started the site. And then it occurred to me -- "You know it now, so what are you going to do about it, Jerry." (I don't usually talk to myself, only in "EUREKA" moments.)"

"I do my business successfully because I use Site Built It!. And I'll be the first to admit I don't even use all the features and capabilities of SBI to their full extent. SBI is such a powerful tool you just have to "kind of" know how to use it to be successful."

~ Jerry Mack testimonial 

Allan_Gardyne_03Testimonial Site Build It 10 "This affiliate marketing case study describes how a novice working part-time used Site Build It! to create an affiliate web site that achieved $49,000 in sales in just over a year. His second site has now achieved more than $308,000 in sales for one merchant. We earn a commission on that. He spends nothing on advertising."

"Building a site with Site Build It! does not require any knowledge of HTML. In fact, I found building a site with Site Build It! was a very easy way to slowly get to grips with HTML coding. With Site Build It!, you simply include as much or as little HTML as you want."

"Building a web site with Site Build It! is ridiculously easy. Site Build It! takes care everything and lets you focus on great content to make your site sell. Trust me, writing good content is a big enough job without all the added hassles of worrying about technical issues on the Internet."

~ Allan Gardyne testimonial
Rupert's SBI! Experiment

services-nickTestimonial Site Build It 11 "My photography website is producing so much work offline it is stopping me from building more sites (which is what I want to do). I have started another which is also starting to take off, and now "work is really getting in the way of work." The beauty about everything I am currently doing, and plan to do for the next few years, is that my efforts will create passive and residual income. I am creating a pension that I can actually pass down to my kids. How many people have one of those?"

"I sat at my PC and just typed and typed. I knew absolutely nothing about the internet, websites, HTML, or anything... I just typed. The great thing about SBI is that they do all of the hard (and necessary) work for me. That frees up my time to do what I do best and love the most... write, teach, play, and learn."

"After just one year, my site started to take off. Any page that I built using SBI's simple 10 step Action Guide got ranked well with the search engines, and traffic started coming my way."

"The earnings from my SBI website, and online activities resulting from it, now pay our mortgage and both children's school fees."

"I have made many contacts, associates, and friends since starting this "SBI journey"."
~ Nick Stubbs testimonial

nori-soloTestimonial Site Build It 12 "I now have a business that I can grow over the years. A business that is fun. I'll never do a 9 to 5. I'll always own my own life. That, more than money, more than learning about the Web, more than anguilla-beaches, more than learning how to write well, that is the most important thing I've learned from SBI!. Own your own life. If you don't, what's the point?"
"Site Build It! did not build my site... it did not build my business. I did. But it did help me to work smart. I picked a good theme, thanks to Site Build It!."

~ Nori Evoy testimonial

networkmarketing-sara-smTestimonial Site Build It 13 "And what's amazing above it all is that it doesn't seem like I'm selling. People who contacted me have already been sold on my website. They have already seen and felt my passion and know that they want what I have to offer. When they call me, their mind was already made up to make that purchase."

"When people call me, their mind is already made up to make the purchase. This is the power of pre-selling."

"I would come home late from work, spend time with my children, put them to bed, and then work on my SBI! site. Little by little I prodded on. Sometimes, I was so excited, I would stay up till 4 AM to complete a page."

"I was pleasantly surprised to see my site traffic increasing, albeit slowly. I was thinking to myself, even if I didn't make any money out of this site, it would have been an accomplishment for me to have built a site with whatever little time I had."

"I decided to take a break from "super-mom-do-it-all" and let my SBI! site coast. I spent lots of time with my children, went out to movies with friends, read story books and caught up on my sleep. It was bliss."

"After I was well rested, I decided to make a come-back and continue building my site from where I left off. My Adsense income alone was growing despite the relative few hours I put into the site."

"From the beginning of this year, my site traffic has rapidly increased and my Adsense income has more than tripled. At the time of writing this, my traffic is hovering around 800 visitors a day."

"I receive an enquiry about my juice extractor almost every other day, either by email or phone."

"Last month, I was one of the top performers in selling the juicers, second only after a veteran. In a short span of only about seven months, I have recruited ten downlines - something I've never done before."

"My MLM business has opened a door to a new venture for me. Here's how it happened... a gentleman found me on my website and invited me to do a demo for him. On the day of the demo, he forgot about our appointment and I ended up waiting for him for two hours, and then he wasn't interested in my juice extractor. Instead, he wanted me to design some healthy juice recipes for his healthy food restaurant."

"I am thrilled with the direction my business is going. I believe in the "Law of Attraction" where I am seeing many more good things being unfolded right before my eyes. And what's amazing above it all is that it doesn't seem like I'm selling. People who contacted me have already been sold on my website. They have already seen and felt my passion and know that they want what I have to offer. When they call me, their mind was already made up to make that purchase."

"In my journey, I have had the opportunity to meet with many very kind people. All my customers are easy to deal with. My site has educated them well on the uniqueness of my product and they feel secure purchasing the juice extractor from me. Some of them had become my good friends as they share the same passion with me and were very impressed with my juicing knowledge that I freely share on my site. This is the power of pre-selling."

"Through my SBI! site, I have learned the possibilities of multiple income, which had never crossed my mind when I first began. Now, I find there are so many avenues opening up to me that I don't know where to start!"

"Finally, I'm now able to put aside a chunk of money every month for my children's future, and still have some left over to go for an annual vacation. With SBI!, dreams can and do come true. Thank you, Dr Ken!"

~ Sara Ding testimonial

Testimonial Site Build It 14 "My dream for 2004 is that Sarah and I to start a family... That means buying a family size house and Sarah giving up full time work. With Site Build It!, that dream is about to become reality!"

marc-sharon106 "I have also been approached by Microsoft for a nomination to recognize my "contribution" to the Microsoft online community! (only a nomination at this stage...) It is called the MVP (Most Valued Professional) award and there is no way I could have got this recommendation from my "peers" so soon, if I had NOT been using SBI!."

"I hope that more and more folks realize that Site Build It! REALLY does WORK! It was a hard decision to make "when I was outside, looking in." But it's so obvious once you get started."

"Microsoft are also impressed and are going to feature my site soon in the Windows XP zone at Now that's the power of SBI for you!"

"Now "losing" my wife's $70,000 job is do-able, thanks to SiteBuildIt! By TRUSTING in the process of C.T.P.M. (Content - Traffic - PREsell - Monetize), I have been able to build a growing business as a webmaster."

"If it had not been for my SiteBuildIt! business and the freedom that it gave both Sarah and I by being able to quit our jobs a couple of years ago, things would have been so very different."

"The freedom of time and choice that we have been given through our SiteBuildIt! business have meant so much to us at this time and for that I thank you and your team."

"I love to read of how SiteBuildIt! has touched so many people's lives in so many varied ways.... and I am glad to count our own personal story amongst them."

~ Marc Liron testimonial

RC Testimonial Site Build It 15 "My father worked hard, too hard really, and now I know why. If I can convince you of only one thing, let it be this. When you do what you enjoy most, life offers a total different view, and that to get rich quick is an un-reasonable dream. By realizing what is real and doable, I have earned happiness as an Independent worker and the abilities to help people earn a living."

"Exactly how SiteBuildIt! saved my ranch. In the last 2 years I made more money than all those other 9 years. What's my "secret"? There is no secret because Ken gives the plan away to anyone willing to try... the SBI! Action Guide. Helping SBI'ers and web design/consulting is the only job I have now and I am Independently owned and operated. If SBI were not successful, I doubt I would be myself, yet."

"When I started business in 1994, I did feel alone in my beliefs of what works out here and what does not. Because the Web was a sea churning with people selling junk, still is. But once in a while, there's a buoy out here in these waters. Use SBI to create a work at home business whether it's part time, full time, or for extra money we can all use. If you do it right, it just may be the only "job" you need too."

"What I have learned and done, SBI! was the catalyst, the support if you will, the chance, the opportunity. It's knowing what I know that kept me trying, it was SBI! that led me down a right road of possibilities. I think my staff might say the same" ;-)

"I consider SBI as my family, too. Thanks to all that I have already said about SBI in my original case study, our success continues. My passion for what I do is the "icing on the cake".

"I used to think that being a home business meant competing with big business and less chance to succeed. Turns out big business is turning to what small business people at SBI already know."

"If you are just starting out to create an internet home for your business, know this. C T P M is an unstoppable success story when you do it like the Action Guide says. If you are a corporate executive, don't assume SBI is not for your company."

"How powerful are SBI!'s marketing principles that businesses from "mom and pop" shops to corporations can use them? Just as powerful as their total skills combined would be as one company. You Are In Control."

~ Richard Cannon testimonial

Testimonial Site Build It 16 "Having two children in college, and not finding much success in traditional marketing, SiteSell and SBI have made a tremendous difference in my life. And from what I see here in Silicon Valley, local search is just starting to take off. The best is yet to come!!"

local-johnburch-small"Thank you again for all you have done to develop SiteBuildIt. It has made a tremendous difference in my life. I have a hand-built site, costing almost nothing, and making $10,000 MORE per MONTH."

"My puny little hand-built, local-dentist Web site broke the Alexa 100,000 barrier today and none of this would have been possible if it weren't for the power and effectiveness of the SBI process. (OK - I did put in a little elbow grease)"

"My Internet patients just keep rolling in. Recently, we got a nice new patient (a Stanford nurse) who found us online at our SBI! site."

"My SBI Web site keeps growing and continues to deliver wonderful new patients to my dental office each month (now averaging over 25 legitimate new patients per month from the Internet!)."

"What pleases me most about this is that my SBI Web site keeps getting stronger, delivering more and more free traffic. I know you advise "high ROI" businesses such as ours to supplement the free traffic with PPC. In fact, my wife and I are thinking about discontinuing the PPC marketing altogether, since the natural search is so successful now."

~ Dr. John Burch DDS testimonial

Testimonial Site Build It 17 "I dug into the SBI! Action Guide that came as part of the SBI! purchase. It was written in a very down to earth manner that even I could understand. It was prepared in a step by step manner which made it very easy to follow. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't "easy" - to the contrary - this was going to take some work, but the good news is I understood it all and each step was do-able."

"The most important advice I can give to anyone who starts SBI!. Just leave yourself in the hands of the Action Guide. Follow it to the letter. It will all make sense. And most important... it works!"

"Real people actually visited my site from the search engines, just like Dr. Ken told me would happen all the way through the Action Guide. And some of them started to convert into income. I was hooked. Once you see the traffic start - real people who want the information you provide - it's just a matter of doing more and more of the same. It's really simple once you know how. Build more and more traffic. "PREsell" by giving people information they want, and THEN monetize (how you are going to make money off your site)."

"I was able to reach the global market 24X7, rather than just the local market for my paving company that I was used to reaching in the past. I had left the manual-labor era and had become what Dr. Ken calls a digital worker... a knowledge worker who can reach the globe by using his brain."

"The simple fact is that SBI! is the secret weapon in any business and I sure do believe in it as I have experienced it first hand, with four different sites (me, the "asphalt man"!). It can be used by network marketers, infopreneurs, product sellers, affiliate marketers, those who have a service to sell, or by local business to increase the effectiveness of their sales by a long shot."

"After doing three sites and talking to hundreds of people, I know that SBI! is perfect for most small businesses. Actually, it's the best. Look at me. I have gone from asphalt man, stuck in an old world business with no future, to "digital man" whose life knows no limits."

~ Judd Burdon testimonial

judd-soloThese are a few of the testimonial for Site Build It. These testimonial are testimonial from their heart and experience. Testimonial of Site Build It also can be viewed at There are also video form of testimonial.  Other written testimonial also available there. Site Build It is a genuine business. It that can help you with your business and eventually you yourself will give your testimonial just like other testimonial.

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